Owen Brandt

Today's Choice.

Tomorrow's Leader.

Owen Brandt, our passionate assistant principal at Question Mark High School, overflows with fresh ideas and solid, conservative values, creating an orderly approach to leadership. Rekindling the spirit of our roots, he brings a commitment to the community. Determined to drive positive change, he's the answer to every question that our town holds dear. Embracing a brighter tomorrow, Owen Brandt is the leader we need. Remember, your voice matters, so make sure to cast your vote on November 7th and be a part of changing Question Mark for the better.

Meet Owen Brandt

Owen Brandt is a dedicated and community-oriented individual who recently made our town his home. Focused on the lens of our youth, as an assistant principal at Question Mark High School, he has witnessed the unique needs and understands the true values of our community. This fresh perspective and his commitment to conservative ideals make him a unique and promising candidate for Town Council.

Not Guilty

Despite an ongoing harrassment campaign by a certain member of the Question Mark Police Department, Owen Brandt maintains his innocence in the incident that happened the weekend of November 4 at the former Question Park amusemenet park. When his day in court comes, Owen Brandt will prove without a shadow of a doubt that free men will not bend to government overreach.

Brandt's Beliefs

A Return to Simple, Conservative Values

Holding strong to the belief that our town has strayed from the values that have made it great, Owen Brandt is committed to a return to those principles. Education underscores his knowledge of the importance of strong values, drawing from his experience as an assistant principal. Anchored in his commitment, Owen is determined to return to the simple, conservative values that have defined our community for generations and will work tirelessly to protect our town's heritage and culture.

Re-Imagining Our Future by Looking to the Past

Rooted in wisdom, Owen understands the importance of learning from history. Rekindling the vision for our town's future, he aims to draw inspiration from the past. Aligned with the community and the educational system, this means preserving our town's historical landmarks, traditions, and the principles that have made us who we are.

Putting Discipline Back in School

Never losing sight of his role as an assistant principal at Question Mark High School, Owen is deeply concerned about the current state of our local schools. Genuinely aware that 'school has become too fun' and that children today face significant challenges, he knows the importance of a balanced approach to education. Embracing the idea of a balanced approach to education, Owen will advocate for instilling discipline, character, and academic excellence, drawing on his experience in the education system.

Tik-Tok is Trouble

Resolute in his stance, Owen takes a strong position against Tik-Tok and its potential negative impact on our community, particularly on our youth. He has seen the effects of social media on students and will work to protect our children from the harms of this platform.

Owen Brandt:
The Only Answer for All of Our Questions

Owen Brandt, as a recent addition to our community and an assistant principal, is confident that he is the only answer for all the challenges our town faces. With his vision, dedication, and commitment to conservative values, he aims to bring about positive change that benefits every resident in our community.

Vote Brandt on November 7

Let's work together to bring better leadership, education, and a return to conservative values to our town. Owen Brandt is the candidate who will make it happen.

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